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  • Kindness Matters

    In challenging times, we tend to be self absorbed, worried about our future, our loved ones or those in our close inner circle. We forget that we are all connected; no matter our educational/financial status, our age, race, ethnicity, gender identity or species. We are all interconnected and this is so important to remember, because within this recognition lies our well-being and well being of the world around us. While words can help us to understand this, it is witnessing and doing acts of kindness that goes beyond the words to the part of us that knows this is true. We need to wake up out of self protection and self absorbption and recognize that the ways we relate to the world have far reaching effects for us and our collective future. So the practices that help us reconnect with the world are the ones that touch our hearts and move us to respond in ways that help us move out of the me, mine, I mentalilty to a we/us approach to life.

    The following video speaks to this. It is based on a true event that the producer decided to turn into a short film. Please share it with others and may you find ways to be kind to yourself and share that kindness with others.