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  • Landlocked in Fur…Liberating the Mind and Heart

    Stepping out of our limiting beliefs…

    Why do we sit in meditation practice? I believe we sit in order to see how the mind and heart gets contracted and trapped by the thoughts, beliefs and stories we use to make sense of and navigate life. We are so much more than our thoughts, so much more than this body or this heart. The practice of mindfulness helps us wake up out of the trance of the small self. As we cultivate insight we connect with wisdom and compassion which helps us respond to life in a way that healing and wise. We learn that to be kind and compassionate is essential to our well being and the well being of all.

    I love this poem that speaks about this.

    “Landlocked in Fur” ~ by Tukaram

    I was meditating with my cat the other day
    and all of a sudden she shouted,
    “What happened?!”

    I knew exactly what she meant, but encouraged
    her to say more – feeling that if she got it all out on the table
    she would sleep better that night.

    So I responded, “Tell me more, dear,”
    and she soulfully meowed:

    “Well, I was mingled with the sky. I was comets
    whizzing here and there. I was suns in heat, hell-I was
    galaxies. But now look-I am
    landlocked in fur.”

    To this I said, ”I know exactly what
    you mean.”

    What to say about conversation between

    “Love Poems From God: Twelve Sacred Voices from the East and West” (Ladinksy, 2002)

    Until next time…May you be well!

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